Of all age

Up there, somewhere between the clouds, along the skyline

I saw a face beckon like a mirage

I wondered if it was familiar and asked if it was mine

It laughed and said I am no one’s, from nowhere, and I belong to all age.

I come in the night, I sing lullaby to you, rock you to sleep and kiss you good night.

In the morning, I am the sweet-smelling dew, the first ray of sun, the cool breeze.

Some call me their companion, some say I am their hope, but some also shun me.

You can find me in a tear, in laughter, in hopes and disappointments.

Some say I am panacea with cure-all potent

You cannot see me, but yet see me because it all lies in your eyes.

In short, my dear, I am no one’s, from nowhere, and I belong to all age.


3 Responses to “Of all age”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Mirages always beckon at the skyline when your heart conspires with ur mind to show ur eyes a hope….a streak of colour…a rainbow of opportunity…
    otherwise colourful streaks of hope are always round the corner
    waiting to be noticed…admired…beautiful lines i guess…

    • yes, tht’s the beauty of it… we keep running after some glass pieces that light up and spread colours when light falls on them, while we overlook real beauty that is right in front of us.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    As they say…beauty lies in beholder’s eyes…we percieve beauty as our heart wants to and conspires with our mind to create dreams of it…nd mirages are nothing but those dreams which are chased but never fulfilled….Mrigyatrishna…..or an alchemist’s quest for Elixir maybe….

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