Bygone days

Like all school children, the first thing I did when I got the school calendar on the reopening day was to look for the list of holidays. I carefully looked at the list to see on what days Diwali and Pongal fell. If it was just before the weekend, I was overjoyed. Having festivals on a Sunday was a huge disappointment, as it was to see August 15, October 2nd or January 26 coming in the weekend.
During school, everything was marked and compartmentalised. Come June, excitement was in the air – new friends, new books, new uniforms, new lunch boxes and of course, new teachers (I  prayed fervently that I had a new maths teacher, every year). As November approached, exams and mid-term tests brought grief and December saw the peak of anxiety. Even New Year was depressing, since in a couple of days, it would be time to get back to school, where marks awaited me. I became a devotee overnight. Muttering prayers, heeding parents’ advice, being the good sister for my brothers, I was a transformed kid. All these were to please the Gods and get better marks.
But by April, the unrelenting negotiator and transformer in me withdrew, as I knew what my final exam results would be like. Post April, as expected, summer holidays arrived like a fresh breeze; school, exams and teachers were all forgotten things for the next two months at least. That cycle ended almost 10 years ago.
In college, too, a new regimen had begun. Life seemed to revolve around the two semesters that divided exams and lessons. April and November were the milestones then, since they demarcated two parts of the year. But, it hardly became a habit because it lasted only for three years.
Now, it no longer matters which month it is. January means the same as June or November, except for the difference in the weather. There is no one to keep an eye on my progress and achievement, except my boss. Working in a newspaper has deprived me of leave on festivals and national holidays, much to the amusement of my friends and relatives. Each year passes by in lightning speed and it is only on my birthday that I realise a year has gone by.
As a kid, I wanted to grow up so badly, dying to break free from school and studies. Taking up a job seemed attractive; who cared for pocket-money. I wanted my money; money that I earned. Now, I have my money, but  those lines and compartments that segregated my life are  gone. I am actually out in the open, on a highway where sign posts and milestones indicate a lot of things I don’t comprehend. Here, it seems, you don’t even get a return ticket.


22 Responses to “Bygone days”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Nostalgia…a feeling which comes natural to us…i also feel school lyf had so many beautiful emotions which can never be forgotten and i guess they all were special because they were our first encounters with those feelings…
    I have my share of nostalgia as well. How we would dread that a girl would not talk to us in front of our parents, how dreadful i would feel when mom would ask to deliver something at the house of my classmate living next door
    How did your adrenaline rush when you scored the goal that mattered, the basket which made the difference and the shot which let the ball sailing and inter-house rivalries, AMAZING. Sounds cliche’ but subhadra kumari chauhan’s mera naya bachpan sums it all i feel 🙂

  2. One of those genuinely, stumbled upon your blog entities. Really amusing blog.

  3. Oh. Yes. It certainly is very well written. Am already planning to flick a few lines here and there and use them.

  4. nope i can’t see it too…. but it looks like a deliberate attempt on part of the blog… you get to know more by the writing…it seems :).

    you can also see my friends’ blog…… puts up some interesting read

  5. Ah. Well. How much are you paid to pass that blog link to unsuspecting readers?

  6. oh well… glad you have stumbled upon his writing….:) but ask him about the stealing bit 🙂

  7. Ask and steal. Right.

    But hey. I guess I have fairly figured how I landed on your blog. Not knowing who wrote a piece is one of the top 10 bothering things.

  8. And how is that? tell me too…. Iam curious

  9. Makes me go back in time and look at it with fondness. At the same time saddens me for what might become of my life in the time to come.

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