It’s my life… what a joke!

For a long time, I have been deliberating. It is an unending deliberation because I just don’t seem to arrive at a conclusion. I sound muddled, I know, but that is the just result of my unending deliberation. Maybe, someone out there will guide my thinking process. Or, does the process of thinking really have any guide that could give directions? I believe that some of the greatest ideas and thoughts have happened because someone dared to think mindlessly.

Before my crazy deliberation really throws my post off the track, let me simply tell you what I have been thinking. I am itching to air my thoughts on this topic, and my friend’s recent post has only made me more restless about it.

We all like to hold the reins of our life. But how many of us can actually boast about having total control over it?. Let me talk for myself. When I look back I see half the things happened without any participation from my end. I had absolutely no role, except to play the protagonist.

I am not too sure, if I have to drag God into this. But, do we all believe in the almighty and worship him so that he is pleased with our devotion and passes on some power for us to take care of our life. It looks like a logic of convenience, for me, when people alternate between two philosophies – ‘nothing can escape fate/ destiny’ and it’s my life’.

Well, it can’t be both at the same time. It is just like having your piece of cake and eating it. As human beings we try to see / not to see logic, as per our requirements. We seek justice for us and reasoning for others, depending on who is at the receiving end.

My idea is not to seek one answer but many. How can there be one answer to one question; this is not a school/college examination paper.

I would say there is nothing called it’s my life. We all bend and warp the way destiny wants us to. While some bend and warp to an extent that we lose our initial shape, some resist getting warped and in that bid end up breaking. Perhaps, the one who are happy with their lives are the ones who have happily given into bending according to the whims and fancies of nature, or whatever that power is called.

 The sad ones are those, who keep staring at the tablet we have in our hand (read life), trying to decipher what it has in store for us. It is an alien language and any amount of experience doesn’t help in understanding the writing that is dull and pallid. We attempt to rewrite a few with our actions, but the stubborn force goes about doing what it thinks should do.

 Whenever I see anyone rant about how it is their life and they should be left alone with it, I only feel like giving them a short speech on how there is nothing called ‘it’s my life’. I wonder to which class does the person belong? Now happy; but as a few years roll by, the happiness metamorphoses into disappointment?

 PS: This is a quote that actually prompted my post. I picked it from my friend’s post.

One often finds his destiny in the path he takes to avoid it:  Master Oogway in Kung Fu Panda


4 Responses to “It’s my life… what a joke!”

  1. i liked this one (too) and Master Oogway in Kung Fu Panda. 🙂

  2. I think nobody ever really lives his own life. Our existence is too entangled in others’ that you can’t even think for your own screwed up self, leave alone ‘live life’. I often put up ‘one life to live’ as my status msg, but even as I type it I know it’s not the truth. Running the risk of sounding corny, but there’s this Ajith movie called Citizen in which his grand finale speech to thunderous applause in theatres goes ‘naan thani aal illai’. You’ll understand the relevance better if you’ve watched the movie. That’s the truth. You live for others. Period.

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