Dates just get out of my head…. Out… out

If at all there was something that helped me get away with my lackadaisical attitude towards studies in school, it was my memory. No, no I am not boasting about it.

It sometimes annoys me to think that I remember even the trashiest of details. I am not saying I don’t forget things ever. Yes, I can be the most scatterbrained person on this earth, at times.

However, I am totally appalled by the chemistry I share with dates. When I was younger, I was proud of the fact that I could remember dates. The first important date was May 21- the day Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated. It all began way back in 1991, when I was a six-year-old. I vividly remember my dad waking me up, announcing Gandhis’ death. Who is Rajiv Gandhi, I asked my dad, rubbing my eyes in sleep. That was the day I began my tryst with those odd numbers ranging from 1 to 30 and 1 to 12, as my dad told me how important it was to remember dates, especially the ones of national importance.

So, I diligently made note of dates, mentally. Not that I stopped with memorising dates of national importance; I don’t know how birthdays and wedding anniversaries got into my head. If anyone had an enquiry about birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other such events, I was their calendar. And, I proudly told them the dates, explaining how I remembered them through some linking process.

But, today, I am a little worried; I am fed up of remembering dates that don’t matter. I hate the fact that some random dates share the same platform with dates I love to remember. Another thing that bothers me is, if there’s a memory space limit our human brain has like the hard disk of a computer. If it does, how many KB or even GB must be going waste!

The other day, I woke up thinking it was someone’s birthday and I had to wish them before anyone else does. Even after raking my brains for a while, I couldn’t recollect whose it was. Then, it struck me it was someone’s, who I had met some eight years ago in a party. That was the first and the last time I had seen the girl. Now, I had no reason, whatsoever, to remember the girl or her birthday.

Today, while discussing the spooky date connection and me, one of my friends told me that when she was a kid, she took a vow that she would remember only important things. ”It worked for me, for I made a conscious decision not to retain sundry stuff. Dates are the last things on my mind,” she said.

I wish she had told me that earlier, when I was beating tom-toms about my date power.


5 Responses to “Dates just get out of my head…. Out… out”

  1. Lady, ur one pretty calender indeed! 🙂

  2. Here’s your alter ego 🙂

  3. haha… I still remember d day yu corrected me with sm1s budday…
    and yess its gud to knw tat at least smone remembers our buddays every year 😀

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