Even if it is for the better, I hate change

Change is inevitable, they say. But, just like you always wish you had something more, or something different, you wish change was evitable, too. Of late, I have had many encounters with change, some welcome and some I have been hostile to. So, I have begun to analyse, if at all by any way you can escape them.
I am a boring person, who doesn’t like any change. I love routine and everything about sameness. I love breaks, but not long ones. Prolonged breaks make me restless and I start itching to get back to my timetable.
Now, after almost 3 years in this workplace, I have started to love everything about it, except my job itself. Yes, and that is the reason I am quitting it. But, as the last day nears, I am really perturbed about a few things.
Like I said, I love routine, and that is perhaps the reason for my worries. I will miss my system, my seat and of course, my colleagues with whom I have endless rounds of conversations on topics from books to films and  people to infinite such sundry subjects. And, those I bore by relentlessly playing old hindi film numbers.
The workplace is hardly 5 minutes from my home; that is being very lenient with Chennai traffic. Ok, I should say 7 minutes; 2 minutes for waiting at the Cenotaph road signal and avoiding motorists who come in jet speed, as if they have sworn to mow you down.
Now, that sounds like an ideal office location, but one has to have a lot more in his job than it being just accessible. Actually, the walking distance factor has also made me lazy; perhaps, that is why my new job looks a little unattractive to me.
Damn! I know I am coming up with all these reasons because I hate change. However, how much does one clash with change, when it is obvious that sooner or later it is that change that will have the last laugh.


24 Responses to “Even if it is for the better, I hate change”

  1. There is only one thing which is constant in life….

  2. Ditto Jan.. I hate change too.. upsets me terribly but i guess it is important to shake up the old nerves once in a while..keeps the system running better..All the best for the new place..im sure ull spread your Virgo charm wherver you go;)

  3. But sounds good that you would be subjected to rigours of daily traffic then…some saddistic pleasure it is…infact your chennai traffic is horrible…its horrible anywhere for that matter but when the sweat starts dripping from your forehead whenever you stop the vehicle is horrible…you just look at always beating down chennai sun and hope for some respite which never comes and if you get some driver who is cursing you in Tamil for not telling him directions in tamil properly…OMINOUS!!!

    • haan aur bolo, bhai.. ho na UP wale 😛

      • Lol…no i would say…despite chennai being one of the hostile cities i have ever been in life…(mind you europeans are more courteous to UP guys than maharashtrians or tamilians 😛 )..i was just taken by the sheer beauty quotient of chennai at first sight and seriously speaking…i don’t know i might even learn Tamil some day and settle down there in future(at least that was my sister’s plan)..if thats the cost i have to pay to live in such a beautiful place 🙂

      • the hostility factor is just a myth… tht guy was taking u for a ride coz he knew u can’t follow tamil … and south indians also face the same in north… it is just a person taking advantage of the other for being new to one place. autowallahs in delhi too fleece ppl who are new and i have experienced it……at the same time, I will admit that there are good guys like the one who didn’t take any money from me when he realised I had no penny one me (forgotten my wallet tht day)…:)

  4. yaa i know…its a big big never-ending issue….whole TIMES NOW channel thrives on it …but i have lived out of my house since years…and well if you show anybody yur vulnerable side, they take you for a ride anywhere for anything….let it be your home place only for that matter…
    its just that ppl make too much issue out of it…i would personally help if sumbody’s in trouble…what the heck 🙂

    • but yaar, u can’t expect such honesty from autowallahs who make a fortune out of fleecing…and u wud have also realised south indians are less agressive and more harmonious 🙂

    • and honestly u don like chennai, do you? ur just being polite 🙂

      On 24 February 2010 20:49, janani sampath wrote:

      > but yaar, u can’t expect such honesty from autowallahs who make a fortune > out of fleecing…and u wud have also realised south indians are less > agressive and more harmonious 🙂 >

      • no…its nt being polite..i really lyked the city..
        off course piqued by nobody speaking hindi at all…even after they were knowing it. and yaa south indians are not aggressive and they let you live your life if you dont want any interference…thats probably the reason which has made me stay for 4 yrs in south of India now. India for me is India, whatever part i live, its my country off course 🙂
        But i have a feel k chennai with hindi would be a much better place to liv in which i am sure would happen in some years to come…jus wait n watch 🙂

      • but hindi is a prevalent language in chennai, nitin… there is apart of chennai tht’s totally occupied by hindi speaking population.. parry’s corner is full of rajasthani’s maybe ur trip was too short.. next time, make an elaborate stay here, i will show you the hindi connect..

        but they are not the majority… which is the case in every city.. so tamil is a dominating language. but, i have a question for you? why r north indians so averse to learning any south indian language? i have seen many don’t want to learn the language i wonder why?.. it is just a language.. i wud be very happy to learn gujarati or bengali, if i happened to stay in gujarat aur bengal..iam just wondering 🙂

      • hahaha..i knew that was coming somewhere down the line…well i would definitely love to see that side of chennai sometime..actually my sister lives in mambalam so i saw that area only, t-nagar nd all and some areas which was taken by my sister and my jeejaji who speak fluent tamil as do their kids. frankly speaking i would have done the same if i lived there, i tried learning telegu a lot but then had some bad experiences so decided against it…its basically a kind of contempt i felt within people who saw me trying to talk in their language, but i never felt the same when i taught the people to speak in hindi who tried vice-versa, maybe my perception or who knows north-mentality? 😛

      • well well… tht’s being very honest… no one can ever make anyone change their views… u have gathered them with ur experience so no one can debate on tht… but, yes, i think, us south indians are more open to learning languages… my uncle went to Delhi in 1970…now, he can speak fluent hindi, punjabi and even comprehend a great deal of Urdu…why my uncle? take my example.. i have been raised in chennai but I can speak hindi very fluently and i understand urdu too 🙂 neways… not all are keen on learning languages.. so it is ok…but i do believe tht if ur staying ina place for a long time, u shud make an attempt to learn the local anguage. it come very handy ….makes you feel more close to tht place, if not for anything else

  5. Well after listening to that…i just hope i get some teacher like you to learn telegu…or maybe if luck brings me to chennai, you yourself to learn Tamil 🙂

    • u wanna learn tamil from me… arre bhai.. koi dhang ka teacher dekh lo.. honestly, my hindi is better than my tamil :-/ lol….. yes, it is true 🙂

      • lol….its not about the expert level…but the patience of the teacher to bear with a learner that matters….i dont know that aspect of you as well, but still i know as you are multi-linguist you can explain the things better for a learner than an expert in a language 🙂

      • yes, iam a patient teacher 🙂 can teach u chennai tamil which is crass and highly offending for many 😛

  6. well yaa thats what i need to learn…considering the job opportunities in Chennai, i guess thats the way to go 🙂
    waise….congrats on ur new job 🙂

  7. Shivani Bail Says:

    We miss listening to your old hindi music. 😦 But don’t worry… you’ll find a whole new bunch of nutcases, just like the ones you had here, in your new workplace… Thats the great thing about change… everything is so new… Your first day is bound to be thrilling.

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