Celebrating the spirit of women?

Today’s women’s day, so here I raise a toast to every woman, who has trampled odds to clinch victory. But, I have never understood the concept of women’s day. Even today, when the world is commemorating it in full swing; I don’t see any reason to mark it.

For one reason that I don’t see myself in shackles, and there is no dominating force other than my will, in my life. But, that is not the case with all women in this world. You hear cases of abuse, marital rape, and women living on the edge, veiled in the fear of male oppression. There is no denial of the fact that women are still lesser beings for many societies. India perhaps secures the first spot for the highest number of atrocities dished out to women.

It really puzzles me to see how people choose poster girls for women’s liberation. We see Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen sitting pretty and comfortable in a show that awards women heroes. I have nothing against these pretty women; after all, they did all of us proud some sixteen years ago when they became beauty queens.

My only grouse is why we don’t look at unique stories of courage and progress from the rural areas- from a place where women break the glass ceiling and dare to come out in open to prove their ability. Such stories seem to take a backseat for all of us; we are content with an unqualified person becoming the first president of the world’s largest democracy. And, at times we are happy with highlighting the accolades of a woman IPS officer. Oh come on, can anyone recollect the number of times we have spoken about her? It has been done to death and it could give saas-bahu serials a run for their money.

And, today women’s bill was just making its way to become an act and was to be passed in the parliament, when the opposition acted up. Why aren’t the feminists in the country protesting? Isn’t it a mockery of women’s empowerment that a bunch of condescending men give way for us to occupy benches in the elite parliament? Did the existing coterie of women politicians Brinda Karat and her contemporaries need the reservation (yes we do have a good list of them)? There are some women who aren’t worthy of the parliament, exactly like most of their male counterparts. But that is a different issue; I won’t get to that, though I am tempted to.

I will join the celebrations the moment we start appreciating the extraordinary tales of the ordinary. Maybe, a Kalavathy who is inaccessible to politicians, leading a peaceful life with her cattle and facing odds to bring up her children is meaty enough for me. I will salute her and won’t be bored of many more like her. Till than I am not joining this women’s day bandwagon. I heard you say that ‘no one’s missing you’. And, I am not missing it either. Thanks!


2 Responses to “Celebrating the spirit of women?”

  1. carlos Says:

    The two adies you referred have ushered in a movement and an idea that Indians are beautiful and that many ladies have become self confident and ready to face stiff competition to prove themselves. Especially Rai has been a quiet trnedsetter with attempts to enter Hollywood etc. The bravery and sheer hardwork of rural women is no doubt a great thing .

    • hi carlos.
      I have nothing against Rai or Sen.. i like them both.. in fact, I have admired Rai for her elegance.. but the point is they are not the end of women’s liberation… they are just a face of it

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