Seven wonders!

Some things have always been consistent in films, irrespective of the language. After having watched films for the past 20 years, I wonder the logic behind some clichés.

1) Why should a character be clad in a shawl, if he or she is suffering from a terminal illness?

2) If a person spots the villain hatching a plot (murder or robbery), he promptly confronts him. ‘Tehro, abhi police ko bulaata hoon’. Now, the person (often the hero’s father or brother) gets killed. Isn’t informing the police quietly a better option?

3) Yet again, why should the heroine, who is suffering from a terminal illness and counting her days, suddenly antagonise her husband, boyfriend whoever it maybe? Most often it is done to hook him up with another woman who is secretly in love with him and pines for him. Woman, he is free to marry anyone after your death. No need to be sacrificial.

4) The quintessential mother in films has a long pallu/ aanchal to stifle themselves during an emotional scene. It could be the sequence where the son is leaving the home, after a tiff with his father/ brother, or when the daughter-in-law is raising a clamour. She promptly stuffs a considerable length of the cloth into her mouth to choke and sniff nonchalantly.

5) After the hero/heroine survives a life threatening accident, or a murder attempt, the doctor invariable says ‘Aur der ho jata toh inka bachna namumkin hota.. Hello, why that benefit of doubt for the hero and not for the hero’s friend, dad etc? Clear case of partiality!

6) A foreigner invariably is sitting in the audience during a cultural programme. And, he can’t speak Hindi, Tamil or whatever the language the film is in. So, what the hell are you doing here, gentleman?

7) The hero rushes to stop his beloved’s wedding, but his efforts go futile. Either the priest thrusts coloured rice in his hands that is thrown for showering blessings on the couple (Tamil films), or he hides behind the tree watching helplessly because the mangalsutra is tied and pheras are done by then (Hindi and Tamil films). He certainly needs some lessons on time-management!


7 Responses to “Seven wonders!”

  1. Rajagopalan Says:

    Great findings!! Unfortunately, even the Big Bhatts and/or Yash/Karan’s wont b able to answer these…certain things are there just because are meant to be there… rehne dona… dont think so much!!

    Not every Q has an A…. haina?

  2. Awesome is an understatement!.

    Literally ROFL.

  3. wat abt…..
    Main tumhaare bacche kii maa banney waali hoon…
    rukk jaao yehh shaadi nahii ho saktii….
    nd yaa… favourite MAA SHAKTIIIII…
    wen even getting 5 bullets in…hero kills the villain reaches hospital nd magically recovers….
    then wenever hero is abt to be shot..the lady whose not getting his love…comes in between nd gets shot…

  4. hey and remember the sudden thunder showers that usually follows a song and dance routine- the dancers escape and our hero and heroine get isolated in a cave conveniently…thunder and lightning strikes…the heroine is terified…etc etc…:-)

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