At times, I sit down to write eagerly, when a sudden thought hits me hard. It tells me that it is not just enough to intend writing, you must also have some content. That fleeting thought nearly ties me down and I find it hard even to think.

However, after you decide to write, it is torturous not to put down thoughts. So what if there is nothing running in your mind as yet? You are determined to churn out something; the tenacious side in you pushes you to take a deep plunge into the ocean of blurred thoughts, half-baked ideas and random musings.

Whenever I got through the phase, I think of a trivia that came up during one random conversation with a friend. Yes, I have had quite a few trysts with randomness. She told me Virginia Woolf, one of the first modernist literary figures, developed a style of writing called ‘strings of conscience’. The style involves presenting train of thoughts as they are, without making an attempt to bring a logical sequence. The rational behind it: most often human thinking doesn’t follow a clear sequence.

I don’t mean to say that I am attempting to do a Woolf here. My attempting her style would be totally preposterous; I am just a random blogger, who is content writing about my love for old Hindi songs and films, and at times giving some gyaan on the sorry state of affairs. How many like me exist in the cyber space. Here I am seeking viewers for some insipid thoughts and in this attempt trying to find my bandwidth.

The marvel about writing is that it has a huge frequency range. Anyone with a passion to pen down thoughts, or to narrate stories can find a niche. Maybe that is why writers like Amitav Ghosh and Haruki Murakami exist along with Chetan Bhagat. Bhagat is one writer I find hard to read. But I won’t get into that, for I don’t intend ranting. That I will keep for another day, when I have nothing to write and yet want to put something on my blog apart from randomness.

The desperation to write is something to similar to what journalists at some point, if not often, feel. It is the struggle to find stories. However in the news room it is the editor watching over you, and when you itch to write on an idealess day, it is yourself you have to account to. But the urge to do your job is common in both the situations.

And today, when I almost lost my battle with words, I am quite glad I don’t have to give an explanation. So what if it doesn’t make sense to a few, I at least wrote. Now, I also realise that it is in randomness you find more ideas than in an already drawn list of developed and complete ideas.


11 Responses to “Randomness”

  1. Perhaps you’ve already seen this. Found it very inspiring.

  2. Exactly…

  3. Nitin Says:

    when you can write so much about randomness….
    little points for guessing how much you can for some real affairs…
    i would say content comes by travelling commuting and listening. I have felt many a times a kind of vacuum when i try to write but when i come to think…i geta lot of ideas just by looking around…guess you should always be on the move to be a great writer…it just enriches you in terms of experience…

  4. Kiran Kumar Says:

    until recently, i never bothered to know what blogs are all about. I still don’t know the rules. I don’t know if i should be reading your blog at all, leave alone writing a comment. Never did i read a book or pen a word except for academics. This now reminds me of what i’ve missed – loads of blissful memories that would’ve slipped off my mind. But what about those that you wished you had forgotten?

    • tht’s why one shud always try their hand at writing.. believe me I say out of experience, there is nothing that you will lose.. maybe, u will realise that u had a writer within you..

  5. Kiran Kumar Says:

    truly inspirational, thanks. I’ll begin with my weeklong overseas travel towards monthend.
    hey so Janani, as your name suggests, gives birth to a new blogger! Think of a name pls? I know i’m asking 4 too much

  6. anish Says:

    i can refer to that… 🙂

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