Ten fears

Who doesn’t have fears? It is after all, human to fear fear. Isn’t it? So, I muster the courage to pen down ten things I dread the most:
1. To leave this world without a single accomplishment. Accomplishment, for me, is not making big bucks, or entering lime light. It is to be what I have been , helping people when I can and loving my people like always. I have never wanted to be just another human being on this planet.
2. To bear the guilt of wronging someone who trusted me. If at all I put anything above my folks, It is the trust someone has on me. I would never want to lose that.
3. Seeing a snake; that would kill me instantly. I don’t mean getting bitten by one; just seeing one is enough t o kill me.  I guess, I am incurably snake-fearing.
4. To lose someone I love so much in a sudden turn of events. It would definitely kill a part of me. I would never be myself after that. Yes, it would be a life-altering experience.
5. Waking up one morning and not finding my dad around. As in, I have to wake up to his calls every day.
6. To meet my 10 standard maths teacher. I would never be able face her. In school, she gave me more nightmares than snakes.
7. To see a road mishap; I almost saw one when I was eleven years old. Since then, even a screechy halt by a scooter jolts me.
8. To wake up one day and realise I am unable to see. Losing my sight, for me, is the worst thing that can happen.
9. Never to own a car. My dream car is Merecedes Benz (that is the only car I can recognize in a long line of cars). However, my first car could be anything.
10. To meet someone who hasn’t had a bath for two days. I might faint.


6 Responses to “Ten fears”

  1. Interesting list. What prompted you to write about your fears? premonitions?

    btw, we share the fear of leaving without doing something.

  2. #10 on your list is going to be almost anyone who travels from US to India. I am going to hesistate next time I come to give you a hug in fear of making you faint. 🙂

    • SIL: As long as they don’t make it obvious it is okay… this fear never raises its head when i see travellers.. It becomes obvious when I see people on day today basis 🙂

  3. # 11 Shabbir Kumar, Mohd. Aziz, Atif Aslam, Altaf Raja, Lucky Ali, Qamaal Mustafa Sikander getting Padma Bhooshan or a Lifetime Achievement Award in singing.

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