Caught me unaware

Being out of job for almost a month now, I have been on a sort of exile. I would call it a self-imposed exile because I have hardly set foot outside home. My only trips are on the weekends to visit my granddad, who lives a few yards away from my place.

And, it is no pleasure exploring the city on sultry evenings. The merciless firmament pours fire and the tender mercy called sea-breeze hardly salvages it.

Today, vowing to do something different, I set out to buy books from Landmark .But as I entered the bustling Chennai Citi Centre Mall, the swanky shopping complex in the heart of the city, my eyes quickly wandered to the apparel showrooms. I held back myself, reminded that I hardly had the money to splurge. But a visit to Health & Glow was inevitable.

I was welcomed by the door that banged against my forehead. I looked up startled to see a man rushing after his wife to help her with her bags. To my disgust, that man didn’t even offer an apology. The impact was so bad that it took a minute for me to compose myself.

I didn’t have much to do at the shop, for I already had a list of items to be bought: a bottle of shampoo and conditioner. Putting my purchase on the billing counter, I waited for my turn. I suddenly felt intimidated and turned around to see a few pair of eyes focussed on me. Checking myself from top to bottom, I prayed it was not a wardrobe malfunction. I would die, I thought.

To make matters worse, the guy at the billing counter, too, had an amused look on his face. A lady with her teenage daughter refused to take here eyes off me. Trying to put an end to the uncomfortable situation, I looked around, helplessly. As if guided by a sudden impulse, I looked at my hand. To my surprise, I was running my hands in rhythm over the panel that had jars of condoms.

But hey, I had just had a near death experience and was still reeling under it.

I don’t remember the last few moments in the shop.


4 Responses to “Caught me unaware”

  1. Rajagopalan Says:

    Hey, yet another amazing piece of blogging…

    Chalo, now you know one BIG secret, ‘not everything is discovered at the wrkplace’ … those stares! i can imagine wat must b going thru each of their minds then… sorry, cant help our typical thinking and jumps to conclusions… we tend to live with them and in them… even tho against our wish…

    Keep writing and i wish you a better and brighter wrkplace very soon!!

  2. Hey that was good, I mean the reading experience! A similar funny thing happened once. I was working for Sabena Airlines, the Belgian carrier, and my colleague Ms C had just got married a couple of weeks earlier. A call came from her husband on my desk, she came to take it and the phone used to have those flexed spiralled cables that contract out of place when not in use, and expand when in use, While talking to him, she was absently doing what you did with the cable, our eyes met, I smiled, and she blushed.
    Nothing was said, she put the phone down in a hurry and went double quick out of sight!!

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