Entertainment vs. sport

When I was younger, the only things that existed for me except books were music and films. So it was not surprising that the passion for the two grew with age.

I am not tad embarrassed to say that I love music and movies more than sports. But wait, why should anyone ever be mortified of their interests?

Even today when given a choice, I prefer watching a film, or listening to music to hanging outdoors. A habit that annoys my brothers to such an extent that they wouldn’t mind deleting my music collection, or setting my DVD collection on fire.

No doubt that tonight I am writing this post to find a vent for my annoyance towards the discriminatory treatment meted to movies and music.

As a kid, I used to get up at seven on Sundays to catch Rangoli. That naturally made me a butt of all jokes. It was a gossip then in my family about my being particular about not missing a single episode of the music programme on DD. I remember one of my relatives mocking at me saying, “Do you show the same interest in your studies? Do you wake up early to learn your school lessons?” Then another pitched in: I thought she woke up to study; I was surprised that she switched on the TV so diligently. There was a round of laughter that followed those remarks, while I silently sneaked out of the room to check if my other favourite music programme had begun. Then in the same breath, someone discussed about how frustrating it was to see Tendulkar not performing and Azharuddin doing a bad job as the captain. “Man, we got out for 66,” said a relative with a thunder in his voice.

I have always seen a flurry of excitement when Manchester take on Liverpool, or when Chelsea meet Tottenham. My folks stay up late, sometimes managing  an early nap to watch the much awaited face-off between the European or American leagues. I am clueless about Soccer; the only two I enjoy watching are Cricket and Tennis (the Grand slams alone). At the same time, there is a sneer of contempt when I mention that I would be unable to catch a movie that is relayed at an unearthly hour.

Not even doyens of a field can claim that their work or game is superior to the rest. Even Sachin Tendulkar would never feel that his game is any day more worthy than Amitabh Bachchan’s films. As mere spectators how can anyone impose their interests over somebody else’s? It was only the other day I heard someone saying, ‘to each his own.’


3 Responses to “Entertainment vs. sport”

  1. yes, yes, Rangoli, one of the few childhood memories that continue to rule till date. I still wake up at 8 on sundays to catch Rangoli, boy nothing beats the fun of starting a sunday with a note of mellifluous antiquity! And when its over i return to my playlist with even a more lusty appetite! Long Live Hindi Film Music!


  2. I would say it depends…music nd sports generally contradict each other for me….i like music for the peace quotient in my life so i would love music which soothes me…humm music which i would connect my soul to….
    sports contradicts it….i take it to satisfy my carnal instincts…..i like people taking aggressive approach to game…..at the same time i might see dravid cover driving nd just exclaim at beauty or would take delight in cesc fabregas guiding the match…..its as good as a stroke on sitar maybe….and i love all sports…nd all music as well…
    what is life without love…..love everything in life nd u wud b granted eternity 🙂

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