When I say goodbye to you

With tears welling up in my eyes, I say goodbye.

Not just to you, but also to the times that will never be.

While I move on with life, finding solace in memories.

With you goes a part of me, never to return to me.

Of the sunny day when you showed me the rainbow.

And the winter noon that brought us together.

Of the countless evenings I spent in your company.

And the mornings I woke up, feeling your warm touch.

Now it is time to say goodbye; let’s make it a memorable affair.

Commemorate an occasion when a soul is sundered from the body.

When the love bids adieu to its love, when fate turns its back on you.

And this way I see my life bidding goodbye to me.


3 Responses to “When I say goodbye to you”

  1. Rukmini Sah Says:

    Wow Jan. jus the right amount of emotions conveyed. Otherwise it’s easy to just flow with emotions and fall into the trap of melodrama. Really nice. Wish I had tought of this.

  2. asha varadan Says:

    Great Poem. I can feel the pain. This is first time I read it. I am going to read your blog regularly.

    Keep it up and Good luck.

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