She tales

They grew up like sisters; they confided in each other.

Each one the keeper of other’s secrets, they came of age together.

We will never grow apart, they said with a twinkle in their eyes

Then one day they chose different paths and it was time to say adios.

The day she saw him she knew he was the man for her.

And the man of her dreams, too, no less enchanted by her.

They loved like they never loved anyone before.

One day, it was time to move on; the promises and vows forgotten like yore.

The apple of their eyes, the daughter they cherished.

They dreamt for her a life they never lived

Her happiness their joys and could never bear to see tears in those eyes.

Suddenly she bid them goodbye, for it was time to enter other ties.

Hitherto a stranger, now his better half, here is your  companion, they said.

How a person  unknown is now an integral part of my life, she wondered.

And so she wondered all her life, because fate  gives you enough to wonder

He moved on to the other world to the shores that lie yonder.


One Response to “She tales”

  1. Siva.G Says:

    fine..but no morality

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