The Pain

I run away from you, I say I hate you.

I curse you, yell abuses at you.

When I see a ray of light, you are nowhere in sight.

But when there is a pall of gloom and despair, you are back with might.

How I hate to have you so close to me.

Yet there is nothing I can do so just let me be.

Sometimes like a voice within that reasons out with the hapless heart.

At times, the devil’s advocate that ceases to budge, or move apart.

Yet I wonder how much I owe you, perhaps my whole life.

For all that shunning and abandonment you took in your stride.

You stood by me with a towering resolution.

The pain of my heart that I thought was delusion


4 Responses to “The Pain”

  1. Wow! I’m Spell Bound!

  2. Is that Love?
    then u owe a lot
    good one

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