Poetry and prose

Going by the topic, one would assume I am attempting a comparison between two literary genres. On the surface, actually it is a comparison, but let me warn you – don’t except any depth. It is just my analysis of what each means to me.

When I started blogging, I was someone who had dabbled with a nondescript blog and out of mortification deactivated it because it totally lacked substance. It could hardly engage, or attract even half a dozen readers. Since the blog was a private one, I was spared from more cyber humiliation.

As anyone would guess, starting a second blog was a mammoth task. Leave alone getting readers, getting myself to write seemed impossible too. But, it was necessary to break the shackles of self-imposed boundaries. When you are a journalist, how do you justify your inhibitions about writing?

Strangely, though prose was a more comfortable zone, my first post was a poem. Okay, now going by the dictionary’s definition of a poem, it was one. I am sure literary critics would have panned it totally. However, what matters on a blog is what you want to write. It is you big brother watching yourself. Who else can be more honest with you than yourself?

Followed by many prose endeavours, I shifted to poems with a lot of doubts. Honestly, I have never been a poetry person. My knowledge of poems is restricted to school lessons and a whole volume of Ruskin Bond poem collections, thanks to a friend who gifted me with that lovely anthology on nature and romance.

Of late, my blog has more poetry than prose, which is really surprising to me. Dark poems on life, failure, love and misery, phew! Not the sorts that ever enchanted me, nonetheless they come automatically to me. I wonder why?.

Unlike many popular bloggers, who blog for sharing views, I blog just to improve my writing, following a good friend’s advice. Now, six months since starting it, I realise how correct he was. Not hat I would claim that I write engaging stuff, but at least I am no longer embarrassed about my posts. I think, that is an improvement. An improvement that happened late, but at least happened.

Now, I doubt my writing skills when it comes to short stories. I guess, soon I will muster enough courage to write that, too.


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