A year and still going…

Exactly a year ago I started my blog, after too much deliberation. Despite being a journalist, somehow, having a blog was a disconcerting idea.
What if I end up getting overboard with my deepest thoughts?However, with great courage I brushed aside that lurking fear to start working on a site.

First, I wrote a poem, an absurd train of thoughts rather, to set the blog rolling. I quickly followed it with a couple of posts on topics related to movies, books and music.

It is easy to write a blog; the tough part is getting people to take notice and react to it. Somewhere after a few posts I realised that blogging is a must for anyone who wants to shape their writing skills. Having a blog gives you a voice and an identity. In contrary to my fear of revealing too much to known and unknown people, my blog has given me the access to the darkest recesses of my mind.

But, I must admit that I haven’t made much of a mark in blogosphere. My biggest motivation has been a friend who writes some of the most compelling posts. He has 77 followers, while I have hardly half a dozen readers. Yet, having a blog, or two, has made me tap the writer in me. Maybe some day, I would reach the 70 followers mark, but till then I will continue. Thanks to all those who read my random musings and a few verses that I manage to come up with. And, double thanks to those who like, or leave comments for those posts. You inspire me to write more.


10 Responses to “A year and still going…”

  1. I have been reading your blog once in a while and needless to say i like your writings. Sometimes they are spectacular but on an average they are regular write-ups. I write myself sometimes and somehow i feel that you should focus on your write-ups rather than the number of followers coz believe me best piece is written when you have no follower and you fee that you have been left aone because that is the ideal time to lay bare, your thoughts , ideas and feel.

    So write on…. 🙂

  2. Please do keep penning your thoughts…

  3. Jas, everytime you post a blog link, I curiously click on it wondering who’s your target this time.. 😛
    may you relentlessly continue to key in your thoughts for a hundred more years.. you surely make a good writer.. Cheers!! 🙂

  4. Congrats on turning one!
    Best wishes for more..
    I’m with the first comment… shouldn’t bother about the number of readers/ commentators as long as you feel happy with what you have written 🙂

  5. blogging is definitely about having a voice, one much louder than you can ever manage , even if you were screaming at the top of your lungs, standing on the second floor balcony of that house you consider “home” because of the make believe security it offers us. It gives us an audience not bound by geography and a platform for discussion or exchanging arguments. To put it in a better way,even with everything that a blog offers what it really gives us, is the opportunity to share ideas , something so lacking in todays “open” world! Something that the ordinary citizens,us, never had.So, when you talk about 70 ,it makes sense.And hey,you already have a great start, coz ,half a dozen is definitely better than the balcony.If we wanted to just jot down our thoughts and feel good about it, all we need is a piece of paper and a pencil.

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