Cry, my beloved country




She has gone to a safer place, where she will find the peace that eluded her in life. What a gory end to a life that was just blossoming, nurturing dreams of career, love and more dreams. She is just one of the faces of the Indian ignominy. I don’t say that out of apathy but out of awareness. Who could know it better? I was born here; a girl in the family of two boys.

Echoing many observations and analysis, why do we always find ourselves confronted by rape? In every dark corner of a metropolis like Delhi, or in a nondescript hamlet that could well be in Bihar or Karnataka. Perhaps the crime knows no discrimination. Any women, whether she is a working professional like me, or a non-specific domestic help or a labourer in a kiln, stands as a potential victim.

No rally or no TV panel discussions can give a solution; a fool-proof solution that can be replicated across the states and pockets in our vast country.

We live in a place that worships the Goddess, but on the other hand it says it is helpless when it comes to killing the womb that carries a daughter. And, it claims even more helplessness when it cannot assure its daughters a safe world.

On one hand, it is a country that wouldn’t bat an eyelid before teaching daughters to dress appropriately in public, but it never thought of teaching its sons to respect women. A country where there are politicians who would embark on a witch-hunting spree, if a cine artiste voices her opinion about premarital sex. But the same politicians are not even a mere bystander, if a brutal rape brings its people on the streets.

Her death has stirred the conscience of many, but it doesn’t guarantee that those consciences would not slip into a deep slumber yet again.



One Response to “Cry, my beloved country”

  1. My condolences and prayers go out for both the girl and her family. I can’t begin to comprehend the pain she went through and truely hope that today she’s in a better place.
    As a woman in India, I feel not only ashamed and disgusted by the reactions of the politicians in our country and worry if they really will take any action. Trust in the system is nil and till something is actually done about it, none if us should rest. We need to address this issue day in and day out till each one of us feels safe walking at 12 in the night or 2am.
    I pray for a better tomorrow and hope that each one of us continues to fight the system and the assaults in every lil way that we can.
    That our brothers and fathers ridicule anyone who thinks what was done wasn’t their concern cause it didn’t happen to their mothers, sisters or wife. This tragic incident has and should have touched each one of us and we need to fight it together.

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